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Brussels at Dawn – Jack’s Story

This FREE event was part of the Heritage Lottery Funded project BRUSSELS AT DAWN and took place at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.

Our young researchers devised an installation of puppet show, exhibits and workshops for young children. We told the story of the WW1 heroine EDITH CAVELL who was a nurse in Belgium when it was invaded and was shot as a traitor on October 12 1915. This is her story from the point of view of her faithful dog, Jack. The puppet show lasts 20-25 mins and was followed by puppet making and heritage workshops.

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Edith Cavell Memorial 2014

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Heritage Resource Pack

Download our Restoration Wyfe – Heritage Resource Pack here


Elizabeth Pepys HeritageTour

­­­­­Elizabeth Pepys Tour

This tour was created by Unity Arts as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded research project The Restoration Wyfe – A Saucy London Life.

Elizabeth Pepys was one of the specific “Wyves” studied.

The research for this tour was undertaken by Thom Jackson and Sarah Warren.

Additional research by Maggi Hurt, David Milner, Christopher Searing, Doreen Read, Anthony Rhoden, Jayne Mc Veigh, Dave Roberts and the Unity Arts Heritage Team.

This heritage outcome has had unstinting support from Phil Manning, Dennis and the Rector, Oliver Ross, at St. Olave’s (The Pepys Church) and from the author Sara George.

Resources include:

Restoration London by Lisa Picard

Dictionary of National Biography Oxford University Press

The Concise Diary Of Samuel Pepys by Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys (The Unequalled Self) by Claire Tomalin

The Letters Of Samuel Pepys by Guy de la Bédoyère

The Journal of Mrs Pepys – The Portrait of A Marriage by Sara George

And the very excellent website run by Phil Gyford!

Download the complete tour as a PDF here – Elizabeth Pepys Walking Tour

Download the Elizabeth Pepys app (Android) here




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The Married Life of Elizabeth and Samuel Pepys

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THE RESTORATION WYFE at The Geffrye Museum

The Interior Life of the Restoration Wyfe  @ Geffrye Museum

An installation exploring the interior essences of 17th century women. Exhibits include a life-size bed, models of interiors, what women wore and how their environment affected their lives. There will be live events from 1pm until 2pm including readings, music from 17th century and a talk given by Dr Catherine Richardson much of whose work is on the material culture of 1500 – 1700.

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THE RESTORATION WYFE – Photoshoot at Ham House

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This is an educational community heritage project looking at how women lived in the Restoration period in London. The project aims to bring this period of history alive to people who would not normally have access to heritage projects, or believe they had an interest in history. The main aims of this project are to go out and about researching, learning and gathering information which will be brought back to Hackney to share with the wider community. Unity Arts will offer participants and the wider community access to specialist speakers. This project will culminate in both an exhibition/presentation at The Geffrye Museum,  an end of project exhibition in Hackney open to all of the participants and the general public and the creation of a brand new Elizabeth Pepys Tour.

The project will initially research the Restoration period in general and then investigate specific areas. These are as follows:

  • There will be a focus on the experiences of three different wives; Catherine of Braganza, Elizabeth Pepys and Margaret Blague. In looking at the lives of these three women will undoubtedly open the focus and encompass the view of their husbands, the mistresses and their world including Civil War, The Plague and The Great Fire of London.
  • We will research the physical world of women at this time. We will understand and create a ladies bedchamber, small closet and “close-stool “place.
  • We will deliver workshops in creating architectural model boxes aiming to capture interiors of the period. This will be delivered by University Students and a Professional Architect from the Architects’ Association. We already have a great deal of interest in these workshops form potential participants.
  • We will recite some excerpts directly from the Diary of Samuel Pepys. This will be performed live using the bedchamber to help place this in a physical historical context.
  • We will deliver resource and educational packs for schools, community centres and colleges.
  • We will deliver an Elizabeth Pepys tour.
  • We will deliver a series of trips to relevant sites of interest (e.g St Olave’s, Hart Street and The National Portrait Gallery) and specialist speakers giving talks related to the period.
  • We will deliver a detailed exhibition and presentation of the life and times of women in the mid 1600`s.