Wollstonecraft Timeline with illustrations

Preface to The Female Reader by Mary Wollstonecraft

Hackney Dissent – Documentary

Stewy, Wollstonecraft and Graffiti – Documentary

Billy Colvill Grenfell Poem

Hackney Dissent POEM  Under 11s group

Hackney Dissent Research Materials

Maggi Hamling – Desert Island Discs BBC Radio 4

Elizabeth Montagu Network

The Bluestocking Corpus: Private Correspondence of Elizabeth Montagu, 1730s-1780s.

An Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shakespear by Elizabeth Montagu

Responses Writings and Genius of Shakespear By Elizabeth Montagu

Darren McStay – RICHARD III

Rikki Chamberlain – Porter Speech MACBETH

Priscilla Olympio – AS YOU LIKE IT

Beth Organ – SONNET XXIX


Other Resources

The Great Debaters – A Film by Denzel Washington

WOEFUL PUPPET (Lady Jane Grey) Resources

WOEFUL PUPPET Booklet (Downloadable PDF)
Short Films
Lady Jane Grey – Psalm 51
Queen Mary I – Nicene Creed
Researching Lady Jane Grey
How did the Tudors eat?
Lady Jane Grey
Research for Download and Print
Information Panels A3
The Boy King
The Will of Edward VI
The Short Life of Lady Jane Grey
The Education of Lady Jane Grey
Make England Catholic Again
TUDOR Family Tree
Lady Jane Grey Timeline
Hans Holbein The Younger
Information Handouts A4
Tudor Family Tree
Lady Jane Grey Timeline
The Execution Of Lady Jane Grey by Paul Delaroche
Katherine Parr and Lady Jane Grey
Researchers and Experts
The Life and Death of Lady Jane Grey by Helen Castor
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
The Tragedy Of Lady Jane Grey Podcast by Helen Castor
Everyday Life In Tudor Prison by Dr Zoe Hudson
Sir Nicholas Throckmorton: The Puppet Master by Thom Jackson
John Dudley: The Power Behind The Throne by Thom Jackson
The History of Tudor Dress by Isabel Walters
Opening Up The Tudor Prison by Dr Zoe Hudson
History of St Katharine Cree by KE Campbell (Revised by Phil Manning 2013)
Other research resources and links
Edward VI The Boy King
Lady Jane Grey Reference Guide
England’s Forgotten Queen – Leanda Lisle
Lady Jane Grey RC Poems
Lady Jane Grey – Controversy
Lady Jane Grey meets Mary I
Lady Jane Grey At Britannia
Lady Mary Grey
Guildford Dudley – Husband of Lady Jane Grey
A Grand Conspiracy 1553

BRUSSELS AT DAWN (Edith Cavell) Resources

Dr Emma Cavell Oral History
Diana Souhami (Author of Edith Cavell) Interview
Phil Manning Oral History of Edith Cavell Window
Jonathan Evans – Royal London Hospital Museum Oral History
Natasha McEnroe – Edith Cavell’s Legacy
Belgian Edith Cavell Commemorative Group
The Rev Dr Mark Barwick, Brussels
Edith Cavell Documentary (Installation at St Martin In The Fields)
Nurse Cavell Funeral Service
Canadian WW1 Nurses
Brussels At Dawn Commemorative Booklet PDF
Jack’s Story (Puppet Show Trailer)
Jack (Edith Cavell’s Dog) And His Story
Jack’s Story Quiz PDF
Young Researcher Overview of Brussels Visit
Cavell Nurses Trust

The Restoration Wyfe – A Saucy London Life

Elizabeth Pepys Tour Mobile App
Elizabeth Pepys Walking Tour PDF
The Restoration Wyfe Resource Pack

Fly Over London in 1666

Round Our Way

Round Our Way Resources
Music Hall Stars in Abney Park Cemetar

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