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100 Year Anniversary Cavell Booklet Work Starts

As part of our Heritage project BRUSSELS AT DAWN we are going to produce a community researched commemorative booklet about Edith Cavell.

This will be available in hard copy from October 8 2015 and on our website in PDF format from 19 October 2015.

To reserve a copy contact us  via email on unityarts@hotmail.co.uk or via this website.

BRUSSELS AT DAWN at St-Martins- In-The-Field 7-18 October

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Unity Arts will be mounting an exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Edith Cavell.

This installation will be a reflection of the discoveries made about this extraordinary woman by our community researchers, artists, curators and Heritage Team.

Live events will include a lunchtime monologue, a lunchtime talk, the puppet show Jack’s Story, Video Oral Histories and heritage presentations. Jack's Story front

We will also be offering all visitors a free commemorative booklet.

Details about these events and the memorial service on 12 October to follow.

Edith Cavell Window – Heritage Shoot

St Olave’s in Hart Street has a unique stained glass window of Edith Cavell. We have been given permission to use an image of this window as the cover on our commemorative booklet and posters to promote our events at St Martins in The Field 7- 18 October 2015.

IMG_5855A photographic workshop led by espacion photography  was held this month. Here are some of our results by Michael Cheetham, Dave Roberts, Jayne Walters, Thom Jackson and Phil Manning.IMG_5785

Edith TrianglesEdith Solo Name Date WindowEdith Solo Name and Date A3 Crop

IMG_5856IMG_5792IMG_5858Edith FinalIMG_5890IMG_5863IMG_5861IMG_5854


Brussels at Dawn – Jack’s Story

This FREE event was part of the Heritage Lottery Funded project BRUSSELS AT DAWN and took place at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.

Our young researchers devised an installation of puppet show, exhibits and workshops for young children. We told the story of the WW1 heroine EDITH CAVELL who was a nurse in Belgium when it was invaded and was shot as a traitor on October 12 1915. This is her story from the point of view of her faithful dog, Jack. The puppet show lasts 20-25 mins and was followed by puppet making and heritage workshops.

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